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Best nail polish 2016

Nail polishes are the crowning jewels of the nails of women. The hands require no jewelry when nail polishes are rampant. Having been in fashion for about a few hundred years, with starting from the early Chinese dynasties, most of the noted civilizations across the world has made use of nail polish in order to enhance their beauty.

Going by popular culture, it is only women that prefer to wear nail polishes, although a lot of men are also looking to imbibe this into their culture. However, this is a cosmetic product, and has a lot of distinguishing factors that you need to be knowledgeable about before purchasing them.

Personally, the best nail polish colors and types can be classified according to the finish, drying capability and coats.

According to finish: –

  • Matte: -This kind of nail polish does not have any kind of shine or any form of shimmer. They are extremely direct in their coloration and may be difficult to apply.
  • Pearl: -They have a certain amount of Sheen to be found in them, just like the pearls in the ocean.
  • Sheer: -This kind of nail polish normally has a transparent finish, and comes in baby pink or in shade of nudes.
  • Glitter: -Such type of nail polishes normally contains a lot of glitter, and it may vary from one nail polish to the other. The brands are also to be taken into account.
  • Metallic: – Just like the name suggests the nail polish as a metallic finish to them. Some of the most common colors in this section include copper, silver and gold.

Drying: -Well, nail polishes can be categorized by either the quick drying capability which take a minute or two for drying, or the ones that take a long time like about 5 to 10 minutes to dry.

Coats: – These types of nail polishes are basically classified into a top coat and a base coat. The top coat is almost always transparent, and prevents the nail polish located below from chipping away. The base coat is for the foundation of the nail polish.

Best brands of nail polish: –

  • NYX: – This is one of the best brands that you can find in the market that comes with a relatively low cost and an excellent product. Compared to all the other designer nail polishes that you can find in the market, NYX has a wonderful in-house production capability. They produce hard to find colors with excellent quality and have a certain sort of attitude ingrained in their nail colors. They not only look exquisite, but well within their right to produce such glorious colors. The base nail polish from this company is some of the best that you can find in open market. They also produce some of the best gel nail polish.
  • Tom Ford: -Noted as one of the most curated collections in the nail polish arena, the Tom Ford collection boasts of about 16 colors starting from coral to violet. This collection happens to be in the limited range, and is exquisite to apply and look at. The kind of eye-catching designs are not only flattering, but can hit you at the right spots. After all, this is a collection well worth its weight in salt. The designer has brought about innovative, new colors that are offbeat, and have a lot to offer in the limited nail polish market.
  • RGB: -When you want some of the best nail polish in the market, where will you go? Well, RGB is your solution. They have nail polishes that are chemically some of the best that you can come up with, and will be able to provide you with excellent quality and in polishes, even when they are without any kind of formaldehyde or any type of DBT chemicals. The products from this company happen to be one of the best, and can be found in over 32 shades. With a complex chemical composition, this formula of nail polish lasts you for over a week without any kind of chipping.
  • Inglot: –When you need affordable nail colors that can last you a long time, while at the same time ensuring that it is cutting edge and exquisite, then this is the brand that you go for. They have a wonderful collection, and well within the affordable ranges of many. You would not guess by looking at the quality and the price range, and Inglot has definitely made it worthwhile.

Best nail salon near me: –

So, how can you find the best nail polish salon in your vicinity? Well, to secure the services of the best nail polish brands, you would need to get them done from people that have a wealth of efficiency.

From there you live, there is bound to be a nail salon near you. Finding out the best white nail polish, and using that as the top coat is a justified thing on your behalf. Moreover, nail polish salons have been established since the late 1900s, and continue to gain ground. People, be it rich or poor can find an affordable else along that will be able to give them a total makeover in the manicure department.

If you go online, you can find yourself some of the best nail polish salons in the vicinity. Go through the online reviews in order to find out their strengths, and ask around for personal recommendations. You are definitely going to be able to find out a good nail polish salon that can cater according to your needs.